Students Corner

Government Schemes

Government Scholarships Following Government, Scholarships are available to the students provided they fulfill the conditions laid.
  • Government Open Merit Scholarship.
  • National Merit Scholarships.
  • Government Open Merit Scholarship for bright and deserving students.
  • Merit Scholarships for ward of primary and secondary teachers.
  • National Loan Scholarship.
  • Government scholarships to backward class students.
  • Scholarships to physically handicapped students.
  • Eklavya scholarship for post graduate students.
 Government Freeships
  • Freeships to Economically backward class students.
  • Freeship to children of primary teachers.
  • Freeship to children of secondary teachers.
  • Freeship to Backward class students.
  • Freeship to wards of Freedom fighters
  • Freeship to wards of Ex-serviceman
  • Freeship to wards of state government servants.
 Group Insurance Coverage The college has introduced a group insurance to cover all the students of the college from the academic year 2002-2003. It is advised that they should make the payments to cover the risk.

Student Counseling

The College had started Counselling Cell in August 2018. The objective of counseling is professional assistance and guidance resolving personal or psychological problems. The main task of the counselor is to guide and help the individual to identify his/her strength, to change his/her way of thinking and behaving and move towards the positive approach of life. Many of the individual issues and problems were solved making their life normal. Due to the counseling cell many students and staff could sort out their problems which were a positive approach for the overall development of the college. The college has a full time Certified Counsellor Mrs. Shenaz Khoja (M.Com, MBA, B.Ed).

Avishkar Research Convention

The Department of Student’s Development, University of Mumbai annually organizes Avishkar Research Convention with the prime objectives to identify the hidden innovative scientific talents and capacities of students, to develop personality and communication skills among the students and to provide financial assistance in the form of fellowship/scholarship to the selected researchers and teachers for innovative research development and keeping in view the overall development of students.

Academic Year 2019-20

Academic Year 2018-19

The Selection round of the 14th intercollegiate Research convention of Zone IV (Palghar District) was organized at Sonopant Dandekar College. About Fouteen colleges with Forty Nine innovative research projects in various streams participated in this convention. Our College won Six prizes at selection level and the projects qualified for University level.
Sr. No Name Class Project Title Category
1 Mr. Shiba Prasad Kar S.Y.I.T IoT based agricultural automation. Engineering and Technology (UG)
2 Ms. Thevar Priyadharshini K. S.Y.I.T Packaged Coconut Water Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (UG)
3 Mr. Ramanand Das T.Y.I.T
4 Ms. Arpita R. Singh S.Y.C.S Empowerment though Stitching Humanities, Languages and Fine Arts (UG)
5 Mr. Fahim Ansari S.Y.C.S Environment Air Quality monitoring in College Campus using Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 WiFi module. Engineering and Technology (UG)
6 Mr. Vijay J. Verma S.Y.C.S Career Helper Android Application Engineering and Technology (UG)
7 Ms. Priya R. Sharma

Yuva Bhushan

Yuvak Biradari (Bharat) is a national award-winning organization working at the pan-India level since 1974, cherishing the goals of humanity and nation-building. It is a social, educational, cultural and youth movement in India. The organization works with the objective of creating a generation of youths who will be individuals with a strong base of human values, knowledge and required skills in their respective streams. They strive for creating a generation which acts in a responsible and sustainable way in their personal lives as well as occupational pursuits. The organization hosts 'Yuva Bhushan' an annual competition with regional hosts partners which entails a written test, a Group Discussion, Interview, and also comprises a physical fitness test and an assessment of their values in action. Yuva Bhushan Regional competitions take place in different towns and the toppers at the Regional level compete at the Final Round in Mumbai on 12 January (Yuva Diwas). The college conduct the Yuva Bhushan Competition every Year.

Academic Year 2019-20

The Regional round of the Yuva Bhushan 2019 Competition conducted annually by Yuvak Biradari was organized in Sonopant Dandekar College, Palghar on December 06, 2019. Over Three Hundred students from Jr. and Sr. College have participated in the event from Commerce/Science/Self Financing and XI/XII Classes. The Cash prizes awarded were up to the tune of Rs.11,000/-. The competition was conducted in the following Rounds:
Round 1 Round 2
  • Aptitude Test(150 marks)
  • Values Self- Assessment (25 marks)
  • Group Discussion(25 marks)
  • Personal Interview(25 marks)
  • Physical Fitness(25 marks)
On the basis of Round 1 and 2 the top three meritorious participants at each Regional Centre scoring above 150 Marks out of the Total 250 Marks received cash prizes of Rs.5000, Rs.3000 and Rs. 2000 respectively. The following Students were qualified for the Final Round and were awarded the cash prizes.
Sr. No Name of the Students Cash Prize Awarded
1 Mr. Manas Patil (XI Science) Rs.5000/-
2 Mr. Adarsh Jha (TY. Comp. Sci) Rs. 3000/-
Consolation Prizes
Sr. No Name of the Students Cash Prize Awarded
1 Mr. Neel Mehta(S.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/- Consolation Prize
2 Ms. Farhana Shaikh(F.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/- Consolation Prize
3 Ms. Abhilasha Bansal (S.Y.B.Com) Rs. 750/- Consolation Prize
4 Mr. Harsh Gharat (XII Commerce) Rs. 750/- Consolation Prize