Science Labs

The college is equipped with various science labs for practical use and learning under the guidance of the skilled and experienced facilities. It is also equipped with safety features for the students, ensuring their safety all the time. All the laboratories are well equipped with modern equipments and safety precautions are taken for the students during the practical.

The Laboratories and Classrooms Infrastructure details





1 Physics Three Labs  
2 Chemistry



Six Labs
(Well equipped chemistry research laboratory where research on spectrophotometric methods and nanoparticles is being carried out)
3 Botany Two Labs  
4 Zoology Two Labs  
5 Bio-Technology Two Labs  

All the labs are well –equipped as per requirements of the University of Mumbai.

Rural Development Laboratories with :

  1. Soil Testing Lab
  2. Gobar Gas Plant
  3. Demonstrations in respect of various methods of irrigation.
  4. Nursery with Mother Plants
  5. Power Tiller
  6. Polyhouse
  7. Green House