• Higher Education to All.


  • Spread of Higher Education in rural and Tribal youth and especially the Womenfolk.

Policy and Practice

  • Deliberate efforts to admit every eligible student and no student be deprived of higher education.
  • Emphasis on the development of integrated personality of the students to fit them in competitive world.
  • To work for integrated rural development through students.
  • To develop the concept of "TOMORROW" among the tribal folk through adult and non-formal education.
  • To encourage teaching and non-teaching staff to pursue higher education.

IQAC Committee

  • Dr. Kiran J. Save, Principal, Sonopant Dandekar Artc, V.S. Apte Commerce And M.H. Mehta Science College, Palghar (Chairperson - IQAC)
  • Prof. Mahesh M. Deshmukh Academic & Administrative Supervisor (Convener - IQAC)
  • Shri. Hitendra D. Shah Treasurer, SDS Mandali, (Member - IQAC)
  • Prof. Ashok R. Thakur Secretary, SDS Mandali, (Member - IQAC)
  • Shri. Atul Dandekar Secretary, SDS Mandali, (Member - IQAC)
  • Shri. Bhupendra Gharat Lupin Ltd., (Member - IQAC)
  • Shri. Ajit Rane Manager, Kokuyu Camlin Ltd, (Member - IQAC)
  • Prof. B.N. Jaiswal Associate Professor, Botany, (Member - IQAC)
  • Prof. Tanaji Poll Associate Professor, Pol. Science, (Member - IQAC)
  • Dr. Manish Deshmukh Assistant Professor, Commerce, (Member - IQAC)
  • Lt. Anagha Padhye Assistant Professor, Philosophy, (Member - IQAC)
  • Prof. Sapna Jadhav Assistant Professor, Physics, (Member - IQAC)
  • Dr. Harshad Vanmali Academic & Administrative Supervisor(Unaided), (Member - IQAC)
  • Prof. Shreya Mishra Assistant Professor, BMS, (Member - IQAC)
  • Mrs. Sheela Godbole Librarian, (Member - IQAC)
  • Shri. Anil Jaunjal Senior Clerk, (Member - IQAC)
  • Shri. Prakash Chabke Junior Clerk, (Member - IQAC)
Affiliated to University of Mumbai (Re-Accredited by NAAC) Grade B (2.74 CGPA)