National Cadet Corps (N.C.C)

Student participation and their Achievements


  1. Cdt. Patil Dhanashree participated in RDC, CAT I, Aurangabad.
  2. Cdt. Amit Gaikwad & Cdt. Ramjanam Yadav participated in RDC/CATC at Ghatkoper got Gold & Silver Medal for Drill.
  1. SUO. Parita Kansara, ATC May 2015, 1st Prize in Map Reading Competition, Turnout & Personality.
  2. JUO. Khushboo Pal, ATC, Cultural Programme 2nd Position.
  3. SUO Amit Gaikwad participation in RDC parade at Delhi.
  1. Bagged 3rd Position at Cultural event at CATC, S.D. College, Panvel.
  2. JUO. Manoj Kakara participated in Thal Sainik Camp at Fuplada, Virar & got Gold Medal in Obstacle course at BN level.
  1. JUO. Pooja Chatravarthy, TSC, Virar Dance – cultural 2nd position.
  2. Cdt. Sunita Kappal, CATC, Panvel, Drawing 2nd position.
  3. Cdt. Richa Sankhe, NIC Coolaba, Khokho 1st Prize.
  4. SUO. Ramjanam Yadav participation in Army attachment camp at Pune & he worked on camp senior at group level.
  1. SUO. Priya Sharma, Reached up to intergroup competition, RDC, cultural, TSC, Virar Best cadet prize.
  2. SUO. Vivek Ramavtar Yadav participated in NIC (National Integration camp.) held at Mumbai (Colaba) & worked as camp senior.

Awards/ Achievements