The College has provided a separate building of Gymkhana measuring 5000 sq.ft. It provides facilities such as Badminton Court, Table Tennis Court and other indoor games. The students are given the coaching in indoor games with the help of experienced sports teachers. The Professor In-Charge of sports activities looks after the functioning of Gymkhana.


Play Ground

The College has a play ground measuring 3  acres area with a running track of 400 meters. The College further provides cricket ground, Volleyball ground, Kabaddi ground, Kho-Kho ground thereby offering the opportunity to the students for their practice and fitness. Participant students represent our college on Zonal, Regional, State and National level in various sports and bag the medals/prizes for their excellent performances

Gymnasium and Yoga Center

The college has spacious modern Fitness and Yoga Center and also has appointed Certified Physical Trainers for the Gymnasium. The Gymnasium offers the various machines for physical workout and cardio exercises. Students, Local Residents, Senior citizens avail the facility of Yoga Hall for performing Yoga.