Sonopant Dandekar Shikshan Mandali

Sonopant Dandekar Shikshan Mandali was founded in August 1968 by the lovers of education to commemorate Late Sonopant Dandekar, the scholar of higher degree, philosopher, strong protagonist of Varkari Samparadaya, the great narrator of “Jnaneshwari” and the son of this soil. He used to express his desire that a town like Palghar be bestowed with a model institution, which could cater the need of higher education of this economically, socially and culturally backward area of Maharashtra. This dream of Late Sonopant Dandekar was translated into reality by starting Sonopant Dandekar Arts and Vaman Shridhar Apte Commerce College in June 1970 with an initial strength of 150 students. Since its inception the Management is sensitive to the educational needs of this area and very kind to provide it to the students.

The Science college was started in 1984 and was greatly stabilized by the donation of Rupees 4 lakhs by Shri. M.H. Mehta. Many helping hands contributed to the development of and progress of the institution. At present 5500 students are taking quality education in the college that was stared with only 150 students in 1970. The establishment of institution in this region has solved the problem of women education. Due to non availability of any institute of higher education in the region prior to the establishment of these institute girls were deprived of higher education. Today more than 65% students are girl students in the institute. Sonopant Dandekar Shikshan Mandali has fulfilled the need and greatly contributed to the educational and cultural development of this godforsaken territory.


Mission & Goal

Our mission is to spread of higher education in rural and tribal youth and specially the women folk. And our goal is to provide higher and better education to all.


Policy &  Practice

  1. Deliberate efforts to admit every eligible student and no student should be deprived of higher education.
  2. Emphasis on the development of integrated personality of the students to fit them in competitive world.
  3. To work for integrated rural development through students.
  4. To develop the concept of “TOMORROW” among the tribal folk through adult and non-formal education.
  5. To encourage teaching & non-teaching staff to pursue higher education.



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