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You will find all the interesting facts, updates, comments and conversations in this section of our site. It is linked with our blog, so all our visitors and alumni can come here, see the current affairs, etc. without any hassle. We will also post our special events, upcoming gatherings, sport events, etc. in advance as a notice for everyone to know about and connect with it.


Junior College Merit Lists (2017-18)

11th Arts 2017-18

11th Sci 2017-18

11th Sci Bifocal(Computer Science)

11th Commerce (English)

11th Commerce (Marathi)




Self Study Report – 21st May 2015


AQAR 2009-10 completed

AQAR 2010-11 completed

AQAR 2011-12 completed

AQAR 2012-13 completed

AQAR 2013-14 completed

AQAR 2014-15 completed