Library: The college library was established in 1970, starting with a collection of 699 books while accommodating students and staff members in its reading hall. Currently having an area of about 6000 square feet, entirely dedicated to the books and reading hall with complete computerised monitoring and entire database of books. It is also provided with the use of computers for the students with internet facility.
Computer Lab: We provide our students with a fully equipped computer lab, to learn and grow with the latest technologies and softwares made available to them.
Science Lab: The college is equipped with two science labs for practical use and learning under the guidance of the skilled and experienced facilities. It is also equipped with safety features for the students, ensuring their safety all the time.

Gynasium:We are also stationed with a fully equipped and state of the art gynasium, with features such as weight training and cardio training equipments. There is also a boxing and kick boxing section dedicated for the interested students.
Auditorium:The college has an auditorium stationed to be used for various events such as performances, felicitations, award ceremony, etc. with a capacity of around 150 seatings at a time.
Sports Ground:We also have a great sports ground made available to all the students to perform annual sports events, cricket, football, volleyball matches, etc. along with our traditional sports like kabaddi, kho-kho, etc.